Two pack of cards!

Cards, A saviour …

A saviour in the time of lockdown. It has come to the rescue of many. A big salute to the person who invented it. During the first two months of the lockdown we as a family used to work all day and the evenings favourite pass time was to play with cards. So relaxing and yet refreshing to play with the family. It does bring everyone close to each other.

The scenario before the lockdown was like people never used to stay indoors. My evenings in weekdays generally was taking my son to park in the apartment and weekends was spending time in the mall, but the real happiness comes from being with your family and spending time with your kids. I insist on not using phone in front of the kids rather to play with them. We parents unconsciously become hooked to the phones for relaxation rather than playing with our cute little ones. Even playing with kids is a stress reliever, ‘believe me!’. Kids are pure souls and so we feel so secure with them away from all the negativity.

Instead of brooding over being locked in home, we must be grateful for the every breath we take. So many are losing their lives due to COVID-19. We must be atleast happy to be alive in this stressful situation. Thanks to the pack of cards which saves me from the stressful situation of lockdown.


Never did it happen in my life

living behind the closed doors of my home.

In the shadow of our beloved one’s

afraid of the death outside.

‘Oh God! Why this test upon us?’

What is the mistake we have done?

That you have decided to make us so unsafe!

What is the crime we have done?

That we live a life so abide.

What is the sin we have done?

That the freedom of man has been restrained.

Is this the end of the world?

Which you have decided to make us obey, the bitter truth of life.

A tiny being is making the humans shiver

in pain and in disgust.

Without knowing what to do and how to finish it!

The need of the hour is positivity,

to make us all survive from the mouth of death.

So think positive and spread positivity.

Ask your dear one’s about their well being.

Pray for the wellness of everyone.

Pray for the fast recovery of the earth,

from the capture of a tiny being.

What does this explain to us –

be happy and generous.

Money is not the only thing to be proud!

Happiness lies inside us,

search for the happiness within yourself.

Don’t be sad for being at home,

but be grateful for the every breath you take,

be grateful for the smallest of things you have,

be grateful for the life you live in the comfort of your home,

because millions of poor live without even having the luck to live the life you have.

Be grateful for the life you have,

never regret or cry for the things you don’t have.

Today the life of the poor and the rich are similar,

there remains no difference in their life.

Don’t fight, don’t revenge, it’s better to forgive and move on.

Empathise and sympathise with the one’s around us,

to make the world a healthy and wealthy place to live in!


We come into this world as a child from the womb of a lady. Childhood memories are the most wonderful part of life. We grow up study hard, finish college and enter the world as an adult. Next stage is to get a job and settle down. In this journey what is the final goal that we are going to achieve? Each person has their own journey.

When men and women enter the relationship of marriage, the duties and responsibilities of each person changes. Men goto work and women look after the household though some women continue to work. In this blog I am going to explain about the forgotten lot “they are the housewives”. The housewives have to fulfill the responsibilities of the husband and the kids. But in this journey, what is that a woman achieves? Just a “good housewife tag”. In my opinion even a woman of this tag should continue to follow her dreams and aspirations rather than please others as a responsible lady. At this point the woman starts to question the individuality of herself and tries to understand what is she? That is the time she analyses the goal in the journey of life. A clear meaning to one‘s own self for being in this world as a human. I would say a connection to the soul, mind and body. A true analysis of the worth of being in the journey of life starts. There is a paradigm shift in her life and the meaning of living changes.

Never give up your dreams, health and aspirations to please others. Be what you are because only then we can do justice to our own being. Life is not just childhood, adulthood, parenthood and old age , but the individuality of one’s own being.

Many people in this world think that money is everything. Yes money is needed for a good living, but I feel the pleasure of helping and giving to the poor makes us happy and contented in life. First of all find out what makes you happy and do that! Come on it’s never late than ever. Follow your dreams and passion for the ultimate worth of living on this planet.