Why are people so shocked to see a strong independent woman

A woman must always be accompanied by a man. Why is there a preconceived notion about women? Why is there a misconception that a woman cannot manage her work alone?
Recently I had to visit a hospital for a general check up with my gynaec. There I met another lady who had come for some other check up too. She asked me “have you come alone to the hospital?” I said yes my parents are busy managing my kids, my hubby is in office and my brother is busy with his job. So I proudly said, yes. She said ok, with a shocked look. If a man would have gone to the hospital or any other place, no one would ever ask such questions.
Another neighbour asked me “where is your husband, you are alone with your kids nowadays”. I told her what’s your problem aunty, why are you interested in other people’s personal matters. After that incident she never came back. I don’t know why people judge only ladies on the basis of a husband being beside or not. If husband is there then no problem, if husband not with the wife then some problem, etc etc. The shocking thing is women judge other women on such silly matters, what a pathetic mindset! I hope to bring a change soon.
Women are very strong and can handle any kind of work with ease. We women are enough and we are no less than a man. An independent woman is prevalent everywhere and this has to become the norm of the society.

Acceptance of death as a part of life

We always talk about living a comfortable life, spreading positivity but at the end of the day, do we accept that one day we all will die? When I was young, whenever I used to hear any news of death in out relatives or known people, I used to think death won’t reach us, it’s only for some chosen people. Now since some months I have started to accept death as it is, one day my close ones will go and one day i too will go from this world. I can feel a satisfaction from within and now I am not uncomfortable with speaking about death. I know someday we all will reach that place and go empty handed. What does this teach me? to be loving and caring with people around me. I want to be good to everyone around me, be helpful, caring and humble.

I can recollect an event which happened in my life which happened before 2 years. There was a maid who joined some months back then. I told her some work to do and she got angry and started arguing. I stopped arguing and told her to get out of my house. After that I never met her again. Today I found out that the maid has expired 3 months back due to cancer. I thought that life is so short, even if we have toxic people who hurt us, we must be good to them without any negative thoughts because life is uncertain. We dont know what will happen next minute. This is the time when I thought that life is short, live it happily and be good to others. We are not going to be here forever and ever. So let’s chill and live it the best way.

The quest for becoming a perfect mother

Happiness comes from seeing your kids happy

Like all mothers I too want to be the bestest mother to my kids. Yes it’s normal, isn’t it? I want to be a perfect mother who brings up her kids as a confident and a successful adult.Is it possible to be perfect all the time? The answer is no, even mothers can become irritated or stressed out sometimes due to hormonal changes, work stress etc. We shout at kids and even spat at them and feel guilty sometime later. Hey moms, it is completely ok and if you are guilty, you can later apologize to your children saying I am sorry baby, I was rude due to such reasons. Here are few points to be a good and friendly parent to your child:

1. Following a routine helps in bringing up kids in a disciplined way. Chalk up a routine that is best for kids and yourself.
2. Never judge yourself by listening to the comments of your realtives and outsiders. A mother knows what’s best for her child and nobody can comment or judge her parenting.
3. Parenting is not a subject to be learnt from books. Parenting is learnt through experience.
4. Hitting or abusing a child to do something or obey us is wrong. It leads to negative cycle and the children grow up to become toxic parents.
5. At home give them freedom to do what they like which is free from toxic environment because home is where a child is comfortable and secure.
6. Learn good things from your kids because sometimes kids teach us precious things.
7. Never compare your child with other children or even their own siblings, it leaves a bad impact on the child’s overall development
8. Always try to motivate your children by saying positive words like very good, excellent, awesome etc
9. Be attentive and available when a child needs you! Always answer their questions even if they are silly.

Parenting is a beautiful journey to cherish and enjoy. Always be grateful for the family you have and be happy with what you have been gifted.

Self affirmations

My childhood pic

Self affirmation according to me is motivating myself on a daily basis. It’s very essential and a good booster for me to keep up my energy, spirit and motivation.
How do I do it? It’s pretty simple, I just stand in front of the mirror and tell myself that fero you are the best, no one can hurt or emotionally break you, never be afraid of anyone and always think positive for any problem to find a solution. This gives me a sense of belonging and self motivation.
Self affirmation process differs for each person, what matters for me may not be for others. I would advice anyone to just follow what your heart says rather than going on to copy what others do.
I am imperfectly perfect, yes I am imperfect in the eye of society, but for me I am perfect. It’s ok that I am not up to the norms of the society like being a zero size or having a lavish lifestyle and status but I am kind, compassionate and a good human being in my eyes. This gives me a sense of satisfaction of being perfect. I am a human and I can’t be perfect, no human is perfect, everyone have their own issues with body and mind. I feel that it is a waste of time to wait for the validation of others or worry about what my neighbour will think or what the society will think? Just relax and be yourself, enjoy the one life you get!
Self affirmation gives me a motivation to take each day with full spirit, energy and a positive approach. Yes it works for me and I advice everyone to follow it as a part of their daily routine. It has a very good positive effect on mental health and our emotional well being.

Engaging kids in various activities and household chores is essential

My son watering the plants

Engaging kids in various activities like watering the plants, gardening, household chores, etc is very important. This inculcates a sense of attachment, responsibility and independence. We as parents always want to provide the best for our children and in this way we can provide a best learning to our children.

Schools teach children about various subjects and how to excel in exams but real learning comes from home, where the children learn basic etiquettes and basic things used in everyday life.

There must not be separate rules for girls and boys to do household chores. Both girls and boys must learn cooking, washing dishes and purchasing groceries.

When I was a kid my mother never allowed me to do any household chores at home and my dad never used to explain about any activities like atm transactions, bank deposits, his job information etc. They always wanted to provide me with a sophisticated life without any hassles, but I think this is wrong because I had to learn all this by myself in later years through experience.

Life lessons have to be taught by parents and children must try to perform it in their daily activities. Children learn everything from teachers and parents. The young ages from 1 year to 7 years are very crucial and most of the learning happens in this time. It’s our duty as parents to educate and teach our children about various life lessons to be learnt, so that they can become a good human being in future.

Fitness tips for new mothers

I am a mother of 2 and a working mom. I have been trying to lose weight from long time but since I have a one year old baby, I am unable to do any physical activity.

Exercise to be healthy and fit

From past one month I have been going for walks along with my baby in the evening. I usually take my baby in a stroller or a push along cycle and take a walk for around 30 minutes. This is very effective and I have lost some weight since then. Also I drink green tea every morning with lemon and it has very good effect on weight loss.

Being healthy keeps us away from diseases and also improves our mental well-being. Any kind of physical activity relieves stress and also releases happy hormones into our body. Hence exercise is very essential for our physical and emotional well-being.

A note to my dear baby girl

I love you my dear baby girl,

You will always be my world, 

I love to play and cuddle with you, 

Always be on my side,

In happiness and sorrows,

I love you my dear baby girl!

My happiness lies in your well-being,

I can do anything to make you happy,

Never ever be sad my baby,

Be happy and cheerful always, 

I love you my dear baby girl!

You can achieve great heights,

Be independent and live your dreams,

Never be affected by the patriarchal society,

Always be honest and true in whatever you do,

I love you my dear baby girl!


Show kindness towards others

What is empathy? Empathy means to imagine ourselves in the place of others shoes. Why is it important? Simply because empathy allows us to view other people’s problems from their perspective rather than based on our opinions and judgements about that person. So empathy is inherited or is it learnt as we grow. I think both ways empathy can be inculcated by a person.

We can show kindness and care as a gesture towards people who are poor and also old aged. Not only outside but also empathy has to be used in relationships as a tool to understand each other and avoid problems. Empathy is one step ahead of sympathy, sympathy means to show feelings towards others and empathy is to go ahead one step further and in turn show kindness and help the other person with love and affection. Sometimes people make a wrong use of the empathy we show to them but we must never change our behaviour based on the opposite person’s behaviour and this determines our personality.

Some days back my maid told me that it’s her 2 year old daughters birthday, so I thought that why don’t I get a tasty birthday cake for that baby girl so that her birthday becomes memorable. This gesture gives me a satisfaction that I have helped a needy person as a token of kindness. This is possible only when we are empathetic toward others and we are able to understand their situation.

Love yourself no matter what happens

Yes love yourself always guys. This is what I learnt during my journey and I am still learning. Whenever there is a failure, problem or any other issue, trust yourself no matter what! Only this will help us in the long run.

I always thought there are only two options in life failure and success and nothing more. But friends trust me it is not always like that. There can be a successful story even after a failure. Only time plays an important role. Always trust your instincts and surround yourself with loving and caring people. They will guide you to a better future and bring out the best in you. Yes I have found out my passion at the age of thirty and yes I don’t regret my previous years. I am thankful that at least now I have found my passion and the area of interest. I proudly say that I am a good blogger now and yes I am passionate about it.

We live only once and we must live it to the fullest. Do what you like and always give yourself a priority since you too need to be considered. Pamper yourself once in a while and bring out the best in you. Never think that ‘ I am a loser and I can’t do anything!’ Rise above everything and reflect on your positives and strengths and bring out the best in you.

Bye bye 2020

2020 – A year to remember

A year full of unexpected twists and turns, a year which was a roller coaster ride. I always see a positive solution in every problem! So what did I learn during the corona lockdown? The answer is that I learnt, nothing goes as planned and future depends on the rules of nature. Within a second anything can change in the world unexpectedly.

Positive vibes

1. I learnt to be thankful for what I have and cherish the memories which I spend with my family rather than tag a boring name to the most difficult lockdown.

2. The second thing I learnt was to go by the laws of nature, rather than assuming things.

3. The third would be that life is to lived happily since we don’t know when we would leave the world in a fraction of second.

4. The fourth is that there is no difference between the rich and the poor since no one is rest assured that death won’t reach them in near future.

5. The fifth will be to pray and meditate as much as you can to be relaxed, peaceful and to have an optimistic thinking.

Smile always

6. The sixth point will be to let go and forgive anything that had a bitter impact in your life.

Even in the time of a pandemic we can very well learn so many things from the nature. The negative things does not compel us to be negative always, rather we can start to look out for a number of positive solutions and aspects to have a good and splendid future.

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